Ramblings of a Beekeeper #1

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Bees have always received human attention. Divided into Arthropod, Insecta, Hymenoptera and Superfamily Apoidea. More than 16,300 species of bees have been identified all over the world, divided into 425 genera. In addition to the useful production of honey and bees wax, bees’ curiosity about social behavior has the strongest affection for men. Many flowering plants depend on bees for their survival. Pollination biologists all over the world are trying to establish a unique relationship with bees to ensure the pollination and survival of plant species. Anyone who has managed a hive will understand how important it is to take care of these smart little animals.

A healthy and prosperous bee hive is the key. As a beginner beekeeper, it seems easy to get started, but in the process will encounter growing pains. The main problems faced by beginners include getting the right hive structure, dealing with pests and diseases, and ensuring that their bees stay happy, well-nourished and healthy throughout the year. This resource linked above will provide you with insights on how to avoid these problems and increase honey production, thus making you more successful as a beekeeper.

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