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Additions: Twelfth Issue

File "Additions: Twelfth Issue" contain references published between 01 Jan 2010 to 30 Oct 2010







References or a bibliography of references, constitute an integral part of a research work. Although given a smaller space at the end of a publication, they can not be overlooked being foundation builder of a research that an author intends to publish. In brief, investigations need to be based upon all the prior works done in a field. There are several aspects of bees people have been investing such as taxonomy, morphology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biology, ethology, behaviour, genetics,  molecular biology, productivity, pollination, artificial domestication, parasitology, toxicology etc. etc., for many centuries.

There is no such record available that provides a bird's eye view to the accumulated references on all aspects of bees throughout the World. Separately published short but incomplete bibliographies such as for honey bees, bumble bees, honey and other products are available on internet. Some attempts during the beginning of the previous century, for the compilation of works of individual scientist such as those of T. D. A. Cockerell were made. The segregated reference wise database was prepared up to year 1970 by ARS, United States Department of Agriculture. However, none succeeds in providing a complete overview of the work done so far on bees. This author initiated the effort approximately six and a half years ago and with a hindrance of some years, resumed to the present form. The final hindrance in a complete presentation came forward in the form of limitation of freely accessible space on the Web. Therefore, in this initial issue the compilation has been confined to nearly years 1970 to 2002 A.D. [Thousands of historic references have also been provided appropriate space].

Author is grateful to the web server and hope that with the passage of time and when web will recognize the significance of this work, little liberty will be extended to this website in providing additional free space and the volume of this bibliography will acquire its optimum shape within next one or two years. 

It is the time when people cooperated in this effort should be remembered on this page. Basically the list of contributors is large since hundreds have provided their reprints to this author from all over the world since 1979. In spite, the active contributors in finalizing this work are hereby mentioned.

Dr. J. Woyke, Dr. C. D. Michener, Dr. J. G. Rozen, Jr., Dr. J. H. Cane, Dr. S. W. T. Batra, Dr. B. B. Norden, Dr. B. Strickler, Dr. D. W. Roubik, Dr. L. Packer, Dr. T. F. Houston, Dr. J. O. Schmidt, Dr. P. G. Kevan, Dr. G. E. Robinson, Dr. M. Beekman, Dr. M. Ayasse, Dr. R. Ayala, Dr. N. D. Dobrynin, Dr. D. W. Goerzen, Dr. A. Hafetz, Dr. R. Paxton, Dr. S. Shafir, Dr. D. W. Inouye, Dr. R. L. Minckley, Prof. J. Wilde and Dr. D. Yanega actively cooperated in sending their complete list of publications.   My special thanks favours Dr. M. Schwarz, Dr. C. D. Michener and Dr. J. H. Cane whose chain ultimately helped me occupying an active membership with the Apoidea Server. The developed contacts with many members helped me modulating the publication in its present shape.

This publication is the resulted product of cooperation of several libraries and their administrators of this country and abroad.  My special thanks are due to the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, INSDOC, Indian Museums (Kolkata & Madras), Bombay Natural History Society, National Academy of Sciences, Indian National Academy of Sciences [in India] and, International Bee Research Association, University of Ohio,  National Agricultural Library (AGRICOLA), North Carolina State University Library and University of Moscow Library [in various countries]. Some journals gratefully cooperated in the attempt, a few are named here - Environmental Entomology, Journal of Apicultural Research, Australian Journal of Zoology, Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, Bee World, American Bee Journal, Indian Bee Journal, and the Web hosting Bio-Med Net and the ARS bibliography. 

In addition, libraries of my own city Jodhpur have been very liberal in providing me facilities concerning verification of thousands of publications with the journals available with them. In this regard I pay my gratitude to the Zoological Survey of India, Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Arid Forest Research Institute and Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur.

The list of publications of several authorities could be made complete or almost complete due to extended help by many dignities in India, a few have been named here:  Dr. S. I. Farooqi, Dr. M. Naim, Dr. R. K. Anand (IARI, N. Delhi), Dr. N. P. Goyal (Hissar), Dr. D. P. Abrol (Jammu), Dr. N. P. Kashyap (Palanpur), Dr. M. S. Mani & Dr. K. V. Ramarao (Chennai), Dr. O. V. Oomen (Trivendrum), Dr. A. G. Sathe (Poona), Dr. T. A. George (Quilon), Dr. G. K. Srivastava (Kolkata), Dr. Rahlkar (Mumbai), Dr. R. K. Bhola (Guwahati), Dr. Nalin Shashtri (Arrah), Mrs. M. Thomas (Bangalore). The unforgettable cooperation extended by the Scientists at Jodhpur need a place here -   Dr. Q. H. Baqri, Dr. N. S. Rathore, Dr. R. Sewak, Dr. S. Kumar, Dr. P. L. Kankane (Zoological Survey of India); Dr. K. V. Singh, Dr. M. B. Singh & Dr. S. K. Bansal (Desert Medicine Research Centre); Dr. Seema Kumar (Arid Forest Research Institute); Dr. Satya Bir, Dr. M. P. Singh & Dr. N. M. Nahar (Central Arid Zone Research Institute) and, my colleagues - Dr. G. Tripathi, Dr. S. P. Singh, Dr. D. Mohan, Dr. S. K. Sharma, Dr. N. S. Shekhawat, Dr. S. P. Bohra, Dr. S. Ramarao, Dr. S. Sunderamoorthy, Dr. A. Bohra, Dr. H. S. Gehlot etc. etc. in this University. Many of them have kept my moral high and as required inspired me to involve in the high task opted for.

I do not remember, for how many times exactly my computer needed a sincere trouble shoot however, it went on uninterrupted only because of all time grateful help extended by Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma, a Hardware specialist Assistant Professor in the Physics Department, of my Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur. I am grateful to Mr. Puneet Rao of 'Technosoft' in providing help in uploading this book to the website 'Geocities. Com'.

My special thanks are due to the authorities of Webserver Geocities.Com who generously provided me enough of webspace to upload the e-book.

Drs. S. K. Sharma, Dr. S. L. Sharma, Dr. S. Simlote, Dr. S. Negi, Dr. S. Yadav, Dr. R. K. Naval, Dr. Abhishek Rajpurohit, Dr. S. K. Charan, Mr. S. K. Naval, Mrs. Pooja Joshi, Mr. Jagdish Saini, Mr. Suresh Kumar Rao and Mrs. Ishrat Jahan, my students, are remembered here since they cooperated me in the collection of references from many libraries during different years of their working in my laboratories at different stations, with me. Their simultaneous labor in updating my library has been indeed useful in presenting the document in its present form.

I have been to various libraries for many months to collect the literature and verifying with reprints simultaneously worked uninterruptedly at home computing the manuscript and finalizing it up to the present form of WebPage designing.  Therefore I should appreciate a very long patience of my family who tolerated my ignorance from assigned tasks for at least more than one and a half year busy all the nights sitting and framing this document before computer. I pay my sincere thanks to beloved Mrs. Mala, my wife; Prateek, Kritika and Prakriti my children who often missed my care, postponing several engagements for future.


This document would have never been framed if the people listed in it as well as the people going to be listed in it, might not have explored the knowledge about bees to this World. Therefore, I dedicate this database to all those workers on bees who allowed us to know this much about friendly, useful bees.

          I regret that the names in acknowledgement have not been updated after the first issue.












Dr. Rajiv K. Gupta
Associate Professor & Ex. Head
Department of Zoology
Jai Narain Vyas University,

Jodhpur 342005,


Phone +91-291-2726666

M.        +91-946010 6666


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Additions: Twelfth Issue

File "Additions: Twelfth Issue" contain references published between 01 Jan 2010 to 30 Oct 2010


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