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  1. Dr. D. Anderson, CSIRO
  2. Dr. Ben Oldroyd, University of Sydney
  3. Dr. Ryszard Maleszka, Visual Science, The Australian National University
  4. Insect Vision, Navigation and "Cognition" Laboratory, The Australian National University

        Bee Organizations & Associations

  1. American Association of Professional Apiculturists
  2. International Bee Research Association
  3. National Honey Board
  4. Beekeeping Development Organization
  5. International Federation of Beekeeper's Association


  1. University of Guelph Bee Lab: Dr. G. W. Otis | Dr. C. D. Scott-Dupree | Dr. P. Kevan
  2. Simon Fraser University Bee Lab: Dr. M. L. Winston


  1. Institute of Apicultural Research Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China
  2. Eastern Bee Institute, Yunnan Agricultural University



  1. Sheffield University Apiculture and Social Insect laboratory F. Ratnieks

  2. Dr. P. H. Williams, Biogeography & Conservation Laboratory, Department  of Entomology, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD.


            1.   Apiservices.Com [Visit references on Beekeeping]


  1. The Menzel Research Group, Freie University Berlin, Germany
  2. Dr. Stefan Stangaciu, German Apitherapy Society [Visit references on Apitherapy]


    1.   Dabur India & Nepal

    2.   An Updating Bibliography of the Bees of the World


  1. Honeybee Science Research Center - Tamagawa University (Japan)

        New Zealand

  1. Dr. Alison Mercer, University of Otago


  1. Prof. Dr. J. Woyke, Agricultural University SGGW
  2. Prof. Dr. J. Wilde, Warmia and Mazury University
  3. Pszczoły - Placówki naukowe


   1.  Slovakian Beekeeping Page


  1. Dr. Siriwat Wongsiri, Chulalongkorn University

United States of America

  1. American Computer Resouces, Inc
  2. Arizona State University Dr. J. H. Fewell
  3. Bee-L Dr. Allen Dick
  4. Bibliography of Current Bee Breeding Topics
  5. Clemson University Dr. W. M. Hood
  6. Cornell University Bee Lab Dr. N. Calderone | Dr. T. D. Seeley
  7. CyberBeeNet (Biology, Research, Beekeeping)
  13. / | Dr. Dave Green
  16.          faq.
  18. Michigan State University Apiculture Lab | Dr. F. C. Dyer | Dr. Z. Y. Huang
  19. North Carolina State University Dr. John Ambrose
  20. Ohio State University The Rothenbuhler Honey Bee Research Laboratory | Dr. B. H. Smith | Dr. J. Tew
  21. Oregon State University Dr. Mike Burgett
  22. Penn State University Bee Lab | Dr. S. Camazine
  23. Purdue University Dr. Greg Hunt
  24. Texas A&M University Dr. T. Pankiw
  25. University of California (Davis) Dr. Eric Mussen | Dr. R. E. Page | Dr. C. Y. S. Peng
  26. University of Colorado at Boulder Dr. M. D. Breed
  27. University of Delaware Dr. Dewey Caron
  28. University of Florida Dr. H. G. Hall
  29. University of Georgia Dr. K. S. Delaplane
  30. University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) Bee Lab | Bee Brain EST | Dr. G. E. Robinson
  31. University of Kansas  Dr. Charles D. Michener | Dr. D. Smith | Dr. M. S. Engel
  32. University of Miami Dr. K. D. Waddington
  33. University of Montana Bee Lab | Dr. J. J. Bromenshenk
  34. University of Nebraska Dr. M. Ellis
  35. University of Tennessee Dr. J. A. Skinner
  36. Universtity of Minnesota Dr. M. S. Spivak
  37. Universtiy of California (Riverside) Africanized Bees | Dr. K. Visscher
  38. USDA Bee Lab: Baton Rouge, LA
  39. USDA Bee Lab: Beltsville, MD | BeeNome
  40. USDA Bee Lab: Carl Hayden, AZ
  41. USDA Bee Lab: Weslaco, TX
  42. USDA Logan bee Lab: Dr. Jim H. Cane
  43. USDA, ARS Bee Bibliography

  44. Varroa Mite References Index

  45. Washington State University Bee Molecular Lab | Dr. S. W. Sheppard


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