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This is a bee species level catalogue consolidated for Indian region. Therefore, phylogenic discussions about higher taxonomic categories above to the known genera from the specified area have not taken into consideration. The taxonomic revisions made by different people for various regions should be consulted for the placements of various taxonomic categories. I present here the finally made revision of a taxonomic category without going in details for its intermediate synonymies/revisions.

A lot of shuffling took place in the fauna of Super family Apoidea during post fifties in the previous century. Until McGinley (1989) ten families were recognized in Super family Apoidea namely, Colletidae, Oxaeidae, Andrenidae, Halictidae, Melittidae, Stenotritidae, Ctenoplectridae, Megachilidae, Anthophoridae and Apidae. A major taxonomic revision was presented by Michener (2000). Ctenoplectridae was reduced to tribe Ctenoplectrini of subfamily Apinae; subfamilies of Anthophoridae in major, have been transferred to Family Apidae and, fauna of Family Oxaeidae have merged into Family Andrenidae, as a subfamily, Oxaeinae. The shifting of bulk of taxa into Apidae has increased its volume as the largest Family of Apoidea. Subfamily groupings under family Megachilidae have been reduced to only two subcategories namely Fideliinae and Megachilinae. Precisely, majority of changes took place in Family Apidae and Megachilidae. Following taxonomic framework has been largely adopted with due permission from Dr. C. D. Michener fascinating book "Bees of the World" (2000) and is presented here befitting genera known from our specified region. The opinion behind this presentation is to facilitate further pending taxonomic revisions of thousands of species world over.

I remind here that our specified Indian region includes "Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangla Desh, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar". Flexibility is there for the bees found in the countries ranging from Turkey in the west, moving through south Asia towards India, south of China, Malaya Peninsula up to Singapore. Those bee species which are common to mainland up to Singapore and recorded from Sumatra, Java, Borneo, New Guinea etc. or vice versa, have also been included in this taxonomic catalogue. Author has found several species of bees known common to our specified Indian region and the "flexible zone". Therefore their inclusion becomes a necessity in this work. The record from beyond our specified region is little incomplete in this work, until its release. However, efforts are being made so that extra countries in the flexible zone would be completely included in this work.


Click the name of a family or subfamily to open the series of WebPages containing detailed notes and listing of their tribes, genera and subgenera consequently, for the whole world:





Names of Families/Subfamilies


Family  Stenotritidae Cockerell


Family  Colletidae Lepeletier

                    A.    Subfamily Colletinae Lepeletier

                     B.   Subfamily Diphaglossinae Vachal

                     C.   Subfamily Xeromelissinae Cockerell

                     D.   Subfamily Hylaeinae Viereck

                     E.    Subfamily Euryglossinae Michener



Family Andrenidae Latreille

                     A.   Subfamily Alocandreninae Michener

             B.   Subfamily Andreninae Latreille  

                     C.   Subfamily Panurginae Leach

                     D.   Subfamily Oxaeinae Ashmead



Family  Halictidae Thomson   

                     A.    Subfamily Rophitinae Schenck

                      B.   Subfamily Nomiinae Robertson

                      C.   Subfamily Nomioidinaerner

                      D.   Subfamily Halictinae Thomson  



Family  Melittidae Schenck

                     A.    Subfamily Dasypodainaerner

                     B.    Subfamily Meganomiinae Michener

                     C.    Subfamily Melittinae Schenck



Family  Megachilidae Latreille

                     A.    Subfamily Fideliinae Cockerell

                     B.    Subfamily Megachilinae Latreille  



Family  Apidae Latreille

                     A.    Subfamily Xylocopinae Latreille

                     B.    Subfamily Nomadinae Latreille

                     C.    Subfamily Apinae Latreille



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